Dear Partner!

Our company’s philosophy is to satisfy your customers’ needs in order to develop long-term good relationship. We handle every single request – whether it is a simple transfer –with the same care as major international trips. In this way we represent our clients’ requests. We can do this, because we have many years of professional experience and network of contacts.

We deal with passenger transport since 1990s.We focus primarily on domestic and international passenger transport. In the late nineties, our company opened to several directions such like to transport workers, airport transfers, sightseeing tours, transportation programs and international scheduled passenger services. Over the years we have opened our first bus parking station as well.

Our plan:

  • humane solutions
  • appropriate economic pricing

We believe if we are focusing on the common interest and do our job with dignity it is the key of a long-term business relationship. Our company and our partners can solve every kind of tasks, which is the main reason why our present partners have chosen us.